what we do

100 Simply Amazing Creative Boxes Delivered to Orlando Children's Church.

Researchers have found that art for kids promotes confidence, reativity, problem solving skills, patience and determination. Therapists feel that art is valuable for children as it helps them process and deal with scary emotions in a safe way. Simply Amazing provides the creative tools, instructions, and encouragement for these children to artistically express themselves and provide an escape into their own creative world.

Simply Amazing provides art and craft supply boxes that inspire creativity and empower deserving children. Simply Amazing Creative Boxes are donated to children living in temporary housing, foster care, or participating in youth at-risk programs, and to the organizations that serve them. Simply Amazing Creative Boxes are for one child to explore and keep. Crayons, markers, modeling clay, coloring pages, glitter glue, scissors, craft projects, and all the fun supplies for completion are packaged inside the box.

Simply Amazing supports significant organizations like Boys and Girls Club, Harbor House, Children’s Home Society, and Foundation for Foster Children. We offer a service to these non-profits that would be near impossible for them to manage due to the demands of their other programming. The shear amount of volunteer hours and logistics required would make this effort practically impossible and they have been so grateful for Simply Amazing filling this gap.

during 2019, Simply Amazing’s inaugural year, more than 1,300 Simply Amazing Creative Boxes have been distributed in central florida to the most underrepresented children and the programs that serve them. Our goal for 2020 is to extend our reach into other florida counties.